The Hannigan Family In Barnard Castle

Three cards for the price of one. These cards have the following in common. Firstly they were all sent around 1905/6 to the Commercial Hotel in Barnard Castle, Durham. Secondly, they were all sent to members of the Hannigan family. Thirdly, they all feature pictures of Edwardian actresses.

The Hannigans are unusual for hotel managers in the North East of England because they come from Pennsylvania.

Lots of questions.


Why Would A 4 Year Old Be Interested In The Duke Of Devonshire

This is a card from 1905 sent by an aunt to her 4 year old niece. For some reason she brings out a point about the Duke of Devonshire, whose property id shown on the front of the card.

This card presented some challenges because the address on the card could best be described as approximate and marriage of the recipient took place overseas in Iran.