celebrity memorabilia

The two cards sent to Barbara Roberts in 1906 both have pictures of film stars on them. Not particularly well known by today's standards and one of them, Miss Ethel Oliver has at the very start of her show business career in 1906. These cards appear to be publicity shots put out by studios to promote their stars. The fact that Barbara was sent at least two suggests that she was a collector of celebrity memorabilia in the same way that modern day teenagers collect similar trivia. And they were kept. That fact suggests that although it has not been possible to trace Barbara beyond 1906, she lived a long life for the cards to turn up 110 years later. At least I hope that is what happened.

There are a couple of other mysteries surrounding the Ethel Oliver card. Who wrote "One Glove Lost" on the front of it and why? And was the patois used by "La Ian" a common thing in 1906?