Unknown Sender and Receiver

The card sent by Uncle Fred to Harry Norwood Esquire in 1913 is full of mysteries. Even the year is a bit of a guess because of the smudged postmark. It really does look like a 3 but could be a 5. In any event, it is impossible to work out how old Harry is, where he lives when he is not visiting a guest house in Mablethorpe and whether the uncle sending him a card is a maternal or paternal relation. Is Uncle Fred a Norwood or some completely different surname? And where did he live when he is not visiting Chester? Sometimes the clues are not there.

Easier to trace was the landlady Lilly Gunning nee Palmer. How she came to be running a guest house is another mystery. She appears to have no connection with Mabelthorpe. She is the widow of Francis Gunning who was born, according to census records, in Nova Scotia although a record could not be found. By 1891 he has crossed the Atlantic and arrived in Nottingham. Between 1901 and 1909 he moved to Sheffield where he died aged 37. I wish I could find out more about him and where his family originally came from.