January 4th 1906 Barnie to Bertie Hedger

Anerley, South London to Penge, south london

1 mile

The Message

"Dear Bert

Thank you very much for the very pretty card



The sender

There are no clues as to who Barnie is. A school friend perhaps. Or a work colleague.


The recipient

Bertie Hedger (1889-1975) was the youngest of the three children of Charles Hedger (1844-?) and Elizabeth Bourne (1847-?). His elder siblings were Charles George (1878-1949) and Laura Kate (1881-1971). In 1916 Bertie married Florence Ada Taylor (1890-1970) and they had three children. At the time of the marriage, Bertie was serving in the Royal Engineers in WWI. His profession is listed as Lighterman.


The Places

Penge, London is only a mile away from Anerley.


What the card says to us

It refers to a pretty card that was previously sent and given the date, this was probably a Christmas card. The card itself is certainly not festive.

The card was posted in Anerley which is about a mile away from Whateley Road, Penge. The modern day equivalent of this card is a text.